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~ December 2020 ~ 3rd Year Crit-Exhibit ~ Parallels ~

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Originally I was designing a tiled installation to match the square tiles in this game i am building....{see '2d Video Game section}....exploring the universe in which each objects emits music.

When the square ceramic tiles all broke in the kiln, I took the opportunity to use them for a performance.

The performance is a commentary on the broken dance floors of the music community and industry. Lack of support from the government due to lack of recognition in Holland of the arts culture and especially music and more underground artistic communities as an important contribution to society.

During the Covid-19 quarantine large corporations selling items such as clothing etc remain open entirely, where as despite promises to find a solution by September, the government came with silence; no studies, no efforts, no support, no funds and they ghosted the music industry with silence while curfew-ing some clubs and centres into bankruptcy and community into a symbolic night of online non-profit DJ streams.

So is the the dancing in my performance ritualistic? My rain dance for the nightlife. Silence and breaking are linked together, breaking and change are linked together.
Compliance vs need to do what we love; even when it is now to the sound of what we love breaking...
Recycling the old to produce the new and previously unconsidered.