I have been mostly using my time developing 40cmx40cm ceramic tiles.

I have also been worked on flower pots, water catching trays for the flower pots, incense holders, egg cups and ceramic tags. I have worked also made many tiny square tiles for making glaze tests for the larger works and models to help design my pixelated 2d video game physical installation and game console.

The squares and tiles imitate the square tiles in the 2d video game. I think it is interesting to play with the dimensions in my work and it intuitively feels right to have the games aesthetics extend out from the digital world to the analog world.

12'' inch vinyl records also are contained in roughly 40cmx40cm sleeves and so this also connects to the digital / analog discussion in contemporary music production.

Since the school is only open to us ever other week, making ceramics is an even slower process than usual. Recently all my large 40cmx40cm tiles broke in the oven. This could have been for a few reasons. Possible causes are; the oven was too hot, the tiles could have been too thin and using clay did not contain enough small stones.

To see how I used my broken tiles in my Crit-Exhibit please check out the following link:

To continue after this 'failed test' I have created wooden moulds to push the clay into rather than rolling it out in the 'slaproller.' The new tiles are thicker *(tests are 0.5cm / 1cm thick) and I have 2 positive results so far. I will now make a final decision of clay type and thickness and create a large batch.

I am also considering using other tactile materials to tile the installation space. I am playing with the idea of using foam. This is sound absorbent, easier to work with / install / transport and less brittle.