(or if the link doesn't work please watch the Demo Video)

During the first semester I took an elective that helped me learn how to use the program Unity. This is a platform where you can create 2D and 3D video games. During the first weeks we learnt the basics of creating a 'scene' by building the 'plane' for a 'character' to move around upon. We then went deeper, coding our own C#Scripts that allowed more complex or unique behaviours within our creations. The IST was not solely to learn how to build with Unity but how to use this diverse platform in non con-formative ways. We could for instance create an animated film by controlling the game camera and using quicktime to record the screen. I decided to build a 2D game on Unity where the player could interact with music in an unexpected way.

I spent the semester slowly building up a concept of a universe where the player can move the character of a moon between galaxies of music. They could travel through portals between forest solar systems, water worlds and smouldering fire places.

I realised that when someone played this game that they were the DJ. They could move from track to track by moving the moon between the orbiting planets of the game. It gives control to the viewer, however within the limitations of the world I have created and laid out for them. I like the dissonance between the infinite connotation of this visual universe and the limitations I stamp on it. ~ I choose the library of music that the player can mix from ~ I choose to stop the play on the edge of each galaxy ~

Conceptually I was also interested with the Rhizomatic nature of all things, including musical genres. Sorting through and trying to file my own music made me tired of the genre 'labels' that have evolved throughout musical history. I was making many connections between songs from differing genres concerning energy, vibe, what organisms were speaking through to me etc. This universe was a place I could put together a jazz piece with an electro dance track for example; just because I felt they both are spicy! Chuck them on the BBQ...

This universe has grown, shrunk and morphed throughout the year. The link below is to play the current version and get an idea of where it is at:


(or if the link doesn't work please watch the Demo Video)

In February; I presented Moon Radio during a CPA. I decided to project the game onto the floor from the ceiling in a dark room. I surrounded the projection with shiny ethereal material and placed cushions for seating around it. I placed all of my ceramic/candle sculptures around. The installation resembled a watering hole, with alien creatures gathering, lights on their consciousness. There was also feeling of the greek myth of Narcissus. Fellow students gathered and gazed into the mystical universe below the surface.

As for now my laptop was needed to play the game, and I didn't want the laptop to be part of the installation; I played the game on the side (actually on the ladder needed to hold my laptop near the projector which was attached to the ceiling). This created some confusion for those who joined the CPA. There were many questions about what was my role here and what was the role of the ladder?

Below are photos from the CPA:



Feed back from this CPA made me feel inspired to continue adjusting the game and how it was presented within an installation. I needed to make a few things more clear. And most importantly I wanted to realise my dream to allow the audience to interact and play the game themselves.

Before quarantine I spent my working practise in the hack lab working to connect this old school controller to the Moon Radio game. With this connected I was planning to create a ceramic case for the controller, or to mount the controller in the arm of an armchair. During social distancing I have shifted my work flow to electronic sound production and video and put this project on hold until workshops reopen. (please see 'soundscape' for further working process)